Additional Important Ordering Information:


TriMark Adams-Burch will deliver, uncrate and set in place your equipment for an additional charge. It is essential that you measure all doorways and passageways to ensure enough space to allow for the equipment delivery. Equipment can also be shipped from the factory to your facility. Unless prior arrangements are made, it will be your responsibility to unload ship direct equipment from the truck. Generally, ship direct will be delivered on trucks without lift gates (for an additional charge, we can arrange a ship direct lift gate delivery). To ensure a safe delivery for both you and the equipment, we recommend a loading dock and adequate manpower to properly receive ship direct equipment.

Freight Damage

When receiving equipment direct from the factory, it is important to take great care in inspecting the shipment for visible damage and the correct number of pieces. Unpack all cartons immediately and check their contents for possible damage. If damage is discovered, you can refuse the shipment. Make notation of shortages or damage on all copies of the freight bill. If you discover damage after the carrier has left, save the carton and request an inspection report immediately from the carrier. Follow up your request in writing to the freight carrier and notify TriMark Adams-Burch of your damage claim.


Qualified personnel should install all equipment. Improper installation will void warranty coverage and can cause injury to personnel and/or damage to the equipment. Also, equipment must be installed in accordance with applicable codes. TriMark Adams-Burch can provide names of authorized factory service agencies to meet your installation needs or handle overseeing the installation process in total.


Manufacturers have agreements with specific agencies to perform warranty service. The names of these agencies are available in the operations and use manuals included with your equipment, or from our Equipment Department. In order to expedite your need for service while equipment is under warranty, it is advisable to call the TriMark Adams-Burch Equipment Department.

Commercial Use Only

The equipment sold by TriMark Adam-Burch is designated for commercial use only. The use of this equipment in a residential application may void all warranties and could create health and safety hazards.