Facilities Checklist

Floor Coverings

Do you make a weekly check of floor coverings for cleanliness and safety — any loose or missing tiles, frayed carpet edges, etc. Check and make sure all drain covers are properly secured.

Tables and Chairs

Are table bases flat, chairs sturdy, fabric coverings in good condition?

Counter Tops and Stools

Formica or laminated material in good condition? Stools not wobbly, covering material in good shape?

Light Fixtures

All operating, any burned out bulbs needing replacement?

Draperies and Blinds

Clean and in good repair?

Walls and Room Dividers

In good condition?

Rest Rooms

Soap in dispensers, sufficient tissue and towels, rooms refreshingly clean?

Cleaning Schedule

Are employees adhering to it?


Clean, representative of the image you wish to project?

Menu Items

Are prepared foods regularly checked for flavor, appearance, texture, etc.? Does each item conform to your specifications?


Regularly checked for cleanliness, overloading, temperature settings?

Alcoholic Beverages

Regularly checked for conformance to your standards? Served properly?

All Personnel

Neat, well dressed, presenting proper appearance according to standards?