Guide to Proper Seating:

Dimensions given are for three types of installations and are basic standards only.

  1. Luxurious seating such as dining   –  14 sq. ft. per person
  2. Intermediate seating such as cafeteria, restaurant, cafe   –  12 sq. ft. per person
  3. Economical such as banquet   –  10 sq. ft. per person


Service Aisles

  1. Square seating, 66? minimum between edges of tops, 30? aisle plus two chairs, back to back 36?.
  2. Diagonal seating, 36? minimum between corners of tops.
  3. Wall seating, minimum 30?.


Customer Aisles

  1. Square seating, 54? minimum between table edges, 36? for two chairs back to back plus 18? for push out.
  2. Diagonal seating, 30? minimum between corners of tops.



  1. Square seating, 24? minimum from edge of table top to wall, 18? for person seated plus 6? to push out chair.
  2. Diagonal seating, 12? minimum from corner of top to wall.



  1. Allow 18? for person seated, from edge or table to back of chair.
  2. 17? from floor to seat.
  3. Rear legs protruding past back of chair lose floor space.


Table Sizes

Graphic table setting guide

Graphic of table sizes