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Kitchen Supplies

Smallwares are the “behind the scenes” tools that allow your employees to create. TriMark Adams-Burch carries a broad line of Smallwares and other Kitchen Tools to help keep your staff working efficiently.

Kitchen Accessories: Cutting Boards; Filters & Filtering Aids; Grill Cleaning Supplies; Bus Boxes & Dish Racks; Measuring Cups, Scoops, & Funnels; Racks & Sheet Pans; Skewers; Squeeze Bottles; Thermometers

Utensils: Spoons, Paddles & Ladles; Pastry Supplies; Skimmers & Spatulas; Whips & Tongs

Storage Containers: Ingredient Bins, Crispers; Plastic Storage Containers

Pots & Pans: Bake Pans; Bain Maries & Insets; Braziers; Colanders, Strainers, China Caps; Fry Baskets; Fry Pans, Saute Pans; Mixing Bowls; Pie & Muffin Pans; Pizza Items; Sauce Pots, Lids; Stock Pots & Specialty Pots; Steam Table Pans, etc.

Carts: Carts & Hand Tucks

Cutlery: Boning & Fillet Knives; Bread & Pastry Knives; Chef’s Knives; Cleavers & Specialty Knives; Decorating Tools; Cooks Forks; Oyster & Clam Knives; Peelers & Corers; Paring Knives; Cutlery Kits & Storage; Shears; Slicers; Sharpening Tools; Sandwich Spreaders; Turners & Spatulas; Melon Ballers & Zesters

Clothing: Chefs Coats; Chef Hats; Chef Pants; Aprons; Shirts

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