Tabletop & Dining Service

Your decor sets the stage for the dining experience and your china, flatware and glassware continue the theme. Select the remaining tabletop items carefully to complete the look. Consider lamps, candles and accessory pieces.

Points to Look for in Choosing Your Holloware:

A wise investment in holloware will provide you with long-lasting quality and beauty. Check the following features to assure yourself of a holloware selection that will stand up to tough commercial use.


Look for a good number of well-crafted spot welds in any area that is subjected to rigorous use.

Hinges & Lids

Whether the hinges are folded or pin-type, check for quality construction that will stay intact through repeated handlings and washings.


Handles should be comfortable, well-insulated and suitable for the size of the item.


There are many finishes available including stainless, silver-plate and copper. 18/8 stainless (18% chrome & 8% nickel) is an excellent value, providing strength, dent resistance, and corrosion protection. Stainless made with less chrome and without nickel has a tendency to discolor. Silver-plated items should have a nickel plating over the stainless base before the silver plating in order to provide a strong plating bond.


A thorough, uniform finish adds greatly to the impression your holloware makes. Look for well-buffed, smooth edges and uniformity over the entire piece.