Glossary of Cordials & Liqueurs


Amber colored liqueur made from the almond of the apricot plus fragrant spices.


Colorless, licorice-flavored liqueur made from the anise seed.


Amber colored liqueur with the true flavor and aroma of fresh ripe apricots.


Translucent, golden liqueur with strong concentrated banana flavor.

Berentzen Apple Liqueur

Gently ripened German wheat with the fresh, natural juice of sun ripened apples.


Deep purple-red liqueur made from essences and juices of a bramble in the rose family.


A liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of Curaçao.


The wild black cherry is used to produce a vivid red cordial with the taste of fresh ripe cherries.

Chocolate Banana

A rich chocolate liqueur blended with banana flavoring.

Chocolate Mint

A combination of chocolate liqueur and tangy natural mint flavors.

Creme de Almond

A red liqueur with a distinct bitter almond flavor.

Creme de Cacao

A sweet chocolate flavor derived from cocoa and vanilla beans available in brown or white (colorless) versions.

Creme de Cassis

A sweet, reddish brown cordial fairly heavy in consistency and made from currants.

Creme de Menthe

Cordial produced from a distillate of several types of mint and peppermint, available in green and white versions.


A honey and herb flavored golden liqueur made from aged malt whiskey, heather honey and secret blend of herb and spices.

Grand Marnier

A liqueur made from a blend of true cognacs and the distilled essence of bitter orange.

Irish Coffee Liqueur

A combination of the fine Irish whiskey, herbs and spices plus the essence of coffee.


A well known Mexican liqueur that is dense and sweet, with a distinct taste of coffee from which it is made.


A specially distilled, crystal clear cherry brandy.

Kummel Liqueur

Has a pronounced flavor of caraway seed.


A flavoring liqueur made from black marasca cherries.


A liqueur made from a blend of fine coffee and chocolate flavors.


A form of anisette popular in Greece that turns milky when ice or water is added.

Peppermint Schnapps

A clear, peppermint liqueur much like white Creme de Menthe except lighter and less sweet.


An amber liqueur that offers the mild sweetness of natural peach flavor.


A green colored liqueur with the flavor of pistachio nuts.

Rock & Rye

A cordial made of rye whiskey sweetened with rock candy, cinnamon, lemons and oranges.

Rock & Rum

Same as Rock & Rye with rum substituted for rye whiskey.


An exotic cordial that derives its licorice flavor from the rare Sambuca plant.

Sloe Gin

A ruby-red liqueur (not gin) made with sloe berries from the blackthorn bush.

Triple Sec

Made with the peel from West Indies oranges. Like curacao, except colorless, sweeter and higher proof.