Every establishment has its own unique flatware needs, from the composition of the flatware, to the design, to the number of pieces. We’ll help you determine the right pattern and quantity for your requirements.



Silverplated flatware has a unique appearance, weight and balance that add elegance to your tabletop. With proper care, it becomes more beautiful with use. It also has a base nickel plating for resistance against nicks and scratches.


The finest stainless flatware, 18/10 (18% chrome, 10% nickel) creates an impressive presentation with a warm, silver-like appearance. It provides maximum protection against corrosion and chemical attack. Some patterns are accented with 24K gold electroplate for an added enhancement.


This flatware features the time-tested advantages of 18/8 stainless – silver-like appearance and superior protection against corrosion and attacks by food and cleaning chemicals.


Offering beauty at a modest price, 18/0 flatware has a high chrome content to guard against rust and corrosion.

13% Chrome

A 13% chrome content is the minimum acceptable government standard flatware. It offers the least protection against rust and corrosion.


Your flatware design should add to your overall decorating scheme. In addition to the basic items, specialty pieces may be used to enhance your appetizers and special offerings.